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The the Pi PiLates Ausbildungszentrum Hamburg - PiLates Concept ®


The the Pi PiLates training centre Hamburg - PiLates Concept ® (TPPC®) is a new training concept developed by Joey Cordevin
based on scientific findings from neurophysiology and biomechanics,
combining the classical Pilates principles with dynamic neuromuscular stabilization,
myofascial integration, functional training and sensory integration.
Personal and individually tailored!


Repeating an action doesn’t improve its quality;
it only makes it more familiar!

Not as much or as little as possible,
but rather the necessary optimum!




Why The the Pi PiLates Ausbildungszentrum Hamburg - PiLates Concept® (TPPC®) Training Center?

The TPPC® Training Center is run by Joey Cordevin:
the owner, founder and creator of The the Pi PiLates Ausbildungszentrum Hamburg - PiLates Concept® (TPPC®).

As a certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor and Pilates Master Trainer,
qualified physiotherapist, Bobath therapist, SI coach, motion analyst,
dancer, choreographer, vocal and mental coach,
with additional training in myofascial therapy, and neuro and sports physiology,
she has long-time teaching experience in all these fields.

With a view to more intensively combining scientific findings, therapy experience
and the Pilates method,
she decided to establish her own Pilates institute within
the German Pilates Association in order to share her knowledge with sports and Pilates students
and uphold high standards in Pilates teaching.

Certified TPPC® Instructors are independent and versatile,
who are able to offer personal, individually tailored tuition
and analyse movements and exercises!

The The Pi PiLates - PiLates Concept® (TPPC®) is able to answer questions such as:

„How?“ (is the athlete cheating?)
„Why?“ (is the athlete not able to do the exercise properly?)
„What?“ (do I have to do/change to improve the athlete`s performance?)

Quality over quantity!
It’s not important THAT you can do it, but HOW you can do it!!

These skills enable correct stimulation at the right time, resulting in
neurologically higher levels of movement integration, and hence
more effective training sessions!


The The Pi PiLates Concept Ausbildungszentrum - PiLates Concept® (TPPC®) - PiLates Training Centre - in Hamburg - personal and individually tailored

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